The Global GEF-SGP

Established in 1992, the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) embodies the essence of sustainable development by “thinking globally, acting locally”. more

GEF-SGP in Bhutan

The SGP in Bhutan started in October of 1998 and has reached some of the poorest regions and communities in Bhutan. GEF-SGP, UNDP to date has supported over 130 projects in the GEF focal areas of biodiversity conservation, climate change and land degradation. Currently, SGP projects are spread over 19 districts in Bhutan.more

Community of Tang in Bumthang

The community today benefits from the improved water mill facility provided through GEF-SGP support. Photo © UNDP GEF-SGP Bhutan

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The COMDEKS (November 2013) for the Satoyama Initiative is a flagship programme to promote sustainable use and management of natural resources in socio-ecologial production landscapes. The strategy highlights the major challenges of the Gamri Watershed such as over grazing, land degradation and deforestation, competition over food resources and frequent landslides to name a few.

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