Integrating gender into climate change policy and programmes

About the Project

 Environment implementing partners at the 2013 Gender Mainstreaming Workshop. Photo Sonam Tsoki Tenzin © UNDP Bhutan

UNDP is committed to gender equality and women’s empowerment through mainstreaming gender in all aspects of its programme.

Gender mainstreaming at project level means energy and environment (E&E) projects are designed to ensure that both women and men equally participate and benefit from a project. In some cases, women may be more disadvantaged than men in similar circumstances. This may impact negatively on various dimensions of women’s lives including education, health, economic opportunities and participation in management and decision-making processes. Special provisions have to be made so that women can overcome obstacles that prevent them from participating in these processes.

In line with UNDP’s overall strategy, the UNDP Country Office (CO) Bhutan is implementing gender mainstreaming as a strategy for improved results in the energy and environment (E&E) portfolio, with focus on climate change-related projects.

Project Outline

The proposed gender mainstreaming initiative aims to:

  • Raise awareness and improve skills of the UNDP Bhutan Environment and Energy Team, relevant project staff as well as the Government and CSO counterparts and target beneficiaries, on how to incorporate gender concerns into climate change-related projects of the UNDP CO
  • Support selected climate change-related projects/proposals to apply or build in plans for a gender analysis to identify roles and responsibilities, as well as opportunities and gaps to address gender concerns in the project
  • Support project staff to develop a Gender Action Plan/gender strategy for the selected project(s), through discussions and finalized at a gender mainstreaming workshop
  • Support project staff, government, NGO and CSO representatives and target beneficiaries during the implementation of the identified gender strategies and actions


Amount USD
Global Gender and Climate Alliance (GGCA)  
Total budget $ 46, 454

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