Support to REDD & Readiness Strategy

About the project

  Bhutan's Constitution mandates 60% forest coverage. Photo © UNDP Bhutan

Bhutan has an enviable reputation for its far sighted environmental initiatives- with about 74% of forest cover and 51% of country’s area under conservation management.

Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) is a mechanism that establishes incentives for developing countries to protect and better manage their forest resources by creating a financial value for carbon stored in the forests. It is linked with a market mechanism that allows industrialized countries to offset their emissions by purchasing carbon credits from developing countries.

Bhutan was formally approved as a member of UN-REDD programme in April 2012. As a part of the programme, Bhutan will address various capacity gaps in becoming ready to implement REDD+ and a range of options to accelerate its progress towards REDD+ readiness.

Project outline

The interventions identified through UNDP’s support built and rely on lessons generated by UN-REDD in other countries through:

  • Establishment of National REDD+ Working Group to help build confidence among governmental and nongovernmental stakeholders and creating a sense of “ownership of REDD+ readiness process.
  • Formulation of REDD+ road map, which will identify necessary actions required to achieve  REDD+ readiness, on-going and planned actions related to the road map, gaps which require filling and responsibility for addressing the road map.
  • Awareness raising on REDD+ for effective engagement with the stakeholders. Early initiation of board awareness raising and education programme will be undertaken as a pet of the road map.


Donor Amount (USD)
UNDP $ 86, 000

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