Support to Royal Audit Authority on Environmental Auditing

About the project

The audit system was created in 1961 during the 16th session of the National Assembly. Since the time of its inception, series of structural and organizational reforms took place. In 1985, the Royal Audit Department under the Ministry of Finance was declared as autonomous body with complete programme independence and re-named Royal Audit Authority (RAA). The independence of RAA was further enhanced with the enactment of the Audit Act 2006 during the 86th session of the National Assemble.

In 2007, environment auditing was introduced to contribute enhancing governance of environmental issues in the country. Even with the explicit mandate to conduct environmental audits, the lack of environment audit guidelines, lack of qualified and trained professionals with knowledge of contemporary audit methodologies and tools and poor records and information maintained impairing effective auditing has caused hindrance to the audit works.

Project outline

The main objective of the project is to plan and develop strategies to overcome the challenges and constraints faced while conducting the environment audit. With the support from UNDP, Royal Audit Authority (RAA) has instituted specific plans and strategies to address the present and upcoming challenges and constraints.

  • An environment audit guidelines will be developed to help maintain the consistency and uniformity of auditing approached and quality of the audit process and reporting
  • RAA has also adopted professional development policy to continuously develop the knowledge and skills of the auditors to discharge their duties professionally.
  • The auditors must also undergo certain minimum hours of training in a year to qualify for his/her promotion to the next level and also conduct trainings on application of GIS and GPS.


Donor Amount (USD)
Total budget $ 16, 500

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