Poverty Reduction


2011 Best Practices for the Project for Enhancing Rural Income and Livelihoods

The documentation for the Best Practices for the Project for Enhancing Rural Income and Livelihoods was funded by the Poverty Thematic Trust Fund (PTTF),UNDP. It presents the efforts on poverty alleviation through improving the living conditions by renovating existing houses or constructing newmore


2013 Baseline Survey for the Royal Society for Senior Citizens (RSSC)

The baseline survey for senior citizens is a collective effort of the UNDP Bhutan Country Office and the Royal Society for Senior Citizens (RSSC) and technical support from the Bhutan Survey Agent & Consultancy firm (BSAAC). To make an attempt to lay the foundation stone for human security inmore


Graduation from the group of Least Developed Countries: Prospects and Challenges for Bhutan

This paper focuses on Bhutan’s graduation from the Least Developed Country (LDC) status and was prepared for the 12th Roundtable Meeting (RTM) co-organized by the Royal Government of Bhutan and UN Development Programme (UNDP) in December 2013. It provides a review of the graduation criteria andmore


MDG 1 Achievements and scaling up strategies

Bhutan continues to make significant and sustained progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). However, many projects face the challenge of ensuring that results and impact can be scaled up and/or sustained over time. While some external factors may take much longer to address,more

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UNDP provides assistance for poverty reduction in Bhutan by implementing results based policy, plans and programmes geared towards poverty reduction and the attainment of the MDGs and other national priorities. UNDP also assists Bhutan in creating enabling environments for private sector growth, particularly of cottage and small rural enterprises; addressing the environment-poverty relationship in terms of conservation of bio-diversity with rural people's need to access natural resources for sustainable livelihoods; and realizing benefits from the integration into the global and regional economy, capacity building for trade negotiations and export promotion.