Human Development


2000 NHDR

Gross National Happiness and Human Development "Searching for Common Ground" This first National Human Development Report for Bhutan addresses the development of Bhutan since 1961. The report highlights that in Bhutan material progress and accumulation of wealth are not regarded as themore


2005 NHDR

The Challenge of Youth Employment The report was prepared in collaboration with a National Steering Committee and a working group after analyses of the national data and statistics from reports, surveys and studies carried out on Bhutan. The analyses concluded that while unemployment level was lowmore


2011 NHDR

Rising to the Climate Challenge Bhutan’s Human Development Report 2011 “Sustaining Progress: Rising to the Climate Challenge” explores linkages between climate change and human development in Bhutan. This report argues that progress and sustainability of Bhutan’s human development achievementsmore

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About the Human Development Reports

The Human Development Report is an independent publication commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Contributors to the Report include leading development scholars and practitioners, working under the coordination of UNDP’s Human Development Report Office.

Human Development Reports (HDR) at the regional, national and local levels take the human development approach to the regional or country level and are prepared and owned by regional and national teams. They both feed into and draw upon the data and analysis of the global Report. Over 600 regional, national and local reports have been produced so far in over 140 countries.