What We Do

In Bhutan, UNDP focuses mainly on creating an enabling environment to alleviate poverty, realize MDGs and support the Government’s Five Year Plans through the UNDAF (2013-2018). 

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2015 GECDP mainstreaming for Development

Gender, Environment, Climate Change, Disaster and Poverty (GECDP) mainstreaming into development plans and programmes in Bhutan. 

Computer Donation Announcement

The UNDP country office in Thimphu has nine desktop computers with monitors available for donation to interested parties. Please note that the computers are models from 2006, 2008 and 2010 but are functional.

Schools, institutions and project interested in receiving some or all of the computers as a donation are invited to submit a letter of request to the UNDP Resident Representative, citing the reasons for their request, by 28 September 2015.

For queries, you may write to phuntsho.wangdi@undp.org with a copy to ugyen@undp.org    

GEF-SGP Bhutan: Call for Proposal
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2014-2018 United Nations Development Assistance Framework