Human Development

  • Southside Youth Success: Pathways to Employment for Young Men at-risk of Joining Gangs

    This project is being implemented in the socio-economically deprived Southside of Belize City (SBC), the most violent area of the country where homicide rates "exploded" in 2002 and show little sign of falling today (Gayle, 2010:289). It aims to assist young men between the ages of 15 to 29, in obtaining increased opportunities, through mentoring, training and apprenticeship.


UNDP Belize incorporates the cross cutting area of capacity development into its programming and project activities, as a holistic approach to sustainable development.  Capacity development acknowledges the state‚Äôs capabilities for its own development, and offers support for strengthening for enhanced growth to be enabled.


In its planning and implementation processes, UNDP Belize also incorporates a human rights based approach, by working with the state and non-state actors which implement activities that impact people from all walks of life, with particular focus on positively affecting vulnerable and marginalized members of society.