The Millennium Development Goals Eight Goals for 2015

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  • Video: Belize’s First Millennium Development Goals Report, 2004, identified a number of key issues to be addressed with respect to each of the eight (8) MDGs. To assist with integration of the MDGs in national plans and implementation, UNDP supported the Government of Belize in partnership with the University of Belize, the Ministry of Economic Development, the United Nations Country Team and the Ministries of Health, Natural Resources, Human Development and Local Government, in the implementation of an MDG Needs Assessment and Cost Prognosis (Phase II) Project.More

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Latest MDG Reports
MDG Report and Post 2015 Agenda, Belize 2013

The current 2013 Belize MDGs Progress Report takes a stocktaking assessment of the country’s progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals documenting challenges that hindered progress and clearly identifying the ‘unfinished business’ or remaining and emerging priorities within the context of each MDG. Furthermore, the report also articulates a post 2015 development agenda building on the country’s experiences with the MDGs with a particular focus on lessons learnt and their implications on informed policy making.

MDG Report Statistics 2010

Supplement to the Belize Scorecard and Outlook Report 2010.

MDG Acceleration Framework, Water and Sanitation, July 2011

The MAF report provides an overview of bottlenecks in this sector and the solutions that respond to the challenges they present. This report should be seen as enhancing opportunities to empower communities to take ownership of water and sanitation systems and to make service delivery sustainable.

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MDGs Progress Report 2012, by Government of Belize.