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Building Bridges Westwards: Armenia-EU collaboration

Armenia’s ever deepening integration into the global economy is creating new openings for social, economic and political relationships. The dynamism of the country’s public institutions is an important factor in realising these opportunities. As part of its partnership with the European Union, the Amore


Social Innovation Camps: From an idea to implementation in 48 hours

A recent Social Innovation Camp hosted by UNDP saw six teams turn ideas into functioning projects over a weekend. UNDP Armenia examines the next generation of participatory processes and how they’re empowering Armenia’s youth and engaging a much wider constituency in decision making. “The potential more


Social cohesion: the glue that binds society

Finding ourselves often at the intersection of economic, social and environmental policy making, UNDP recognizes the relevance of social cohesion. As an object of public policy social cohesion means that all members of society perceive themselves to be both agents and beneficiaries of progress. Thismore

Report on Application of the UN Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the Armenian Courts

The report highlights main issues within the national legislation vis-a-vis the Covenant and lack of mechanisms to support proper implementation by the courts of the Covenant.