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Assessment of legal and institutional framework for disaster management and disaster risk information systems in Armenia

This study has been carried out within the United Nations Development Project (UNDP) "Strengthening of National Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction Capacities" Project with the aim of assessing the institutional and legal framework of disaster management in Armenia. The survey alsomore


Building Wildfire Management Capacities to Enhance Adaptation of the Vulnerable Mountain Forests of Armenia - Lessons from Recent Experience

This e-publication captures an analysis of the success factors and barriers of the approaches towards building the wildfire management capacities in Armenia. By providing illustrative examples of improving wildfire management, the publication aims to enable replication of these adaptation options,more


UNDP is almost twenty years on the ground and we assist Armenia in: Promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency in household and public sector; reducing the impact of climate change, as well supporting the country’s participation in international cooperation mechanisms; promoting green urban development; creating an effective system of disaster risk reduction as well as raising awareness on better disaster preparedness; and strengthening biodiversity protection through building national and local capacity in protected area and forest management institutions.