Economic and Social Inclusion


2013 UN Progress Report

2013 Annual Progress Report for the Government of Albania-United Nations Programme of Cooperation 2012-2016 highlights tangible development results achieved over the course of the year and outlines substantive areas where the UN has partnered with the country as it advances in its most importantmore


A journey towards social inclusion

This booklet contains stories about change, successes achieved and challenges encountered on the way, reflections and lessons learned of all those engaged in bringing about social inclusion  throughout the UN joint programme " Empowering Local Vulnerable Communities in Albania.more


A review of the Disability Assessment System in Albania

 This study describes the current state of the commissions for work capability assessment and identifies systemic, institutional and/or individual problems and loopholes in the disability assessment system, in the light of the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of Persons withmore

Addressing Social Inclusion Through Vocational Education and Training

  "Addressing social inclusion through vocational education and training" publication provides updated information on social inclusion in education and employment in Albania. more


Albania Cultural Marketing Strategy

The document outlines a Cultural Marketing Strategy for Albania. The Culture Marketing Strategy is intended to improve the image of Albania internationally and thereby increase tourism from abroad. more


Assessment Report:Legislation on Disability

This Report (in Albanian and English languages) is the review of the existing legislation and policy documents to assess their conformity with Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and identify areas where laws and policies need amendment to ensure compliance with CRPD. more

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Inclusion means that people are part of the social, economic, political and cultural life of their country and that their voices are heard and that they are able to use their capabilities, and access resources, including financial and business opportunities. UNDP helps social and economic inclusion in Albania through supporting policies and implementation measures designed to avoid exclusion by helping to remove barriers that stand in the way of people realizing their full capabilities.