Human Development


2014 Human Development Reports

The 2014 Human Development Report “Sustaining Human Progress: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Building Resilience” - shows that overall global trends in human development are positive. Yet, people at all ages are also facing threats and challenges to their wellbeing, including by natural ormore


Afghanistan Human Development Report 2004

Afghanistan’s first NHDR was the product of a multidisciplinary team. This allowed the report to incorporate multiple perspectives, which was particularly appropriate given the kaleidoscopic nature of Afghanistan today. The authors tried to go beyond a simple presentation and analysis of humanmore


Afghanistan Human Development Report 2007

Human development refers to the freedom of people to exercise real choices and enhance their capabilities to live healthy, long, and meaningful lives. For Afghans, human development means government institutions and a society that educates its young, offers medical services to all, facilitatesmore

Policy Unit

The Policy Unit supports policy analysis, dialogue and strategic research to the UNDP in Afghanistan and the Government of Afghanistan.

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