Democratic Governance


MBAW Annual Progress Report 2013

The project Making Budgets and Aid has been providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Finance (MoF) since 2007 and is regarded by the MoF senior management as critical. The project has met all its annual targets and 2013 was characterized by substantial achievements from themore


MBAW First Quarter Progress Report 2013

Making Budgets and Aid Work (MBAW) First Quarter Progress Report 2013, a key link between the Afghanistan National development Strategy (ANDS) and the National Priority Programs (NPPs) so as to improve alignment and harmonization of external aid through core budget formulation, planning,more


MBAW First Quarter Progress Report 2014

2013 was a very positive year for the project as it met all its annual targets. The Public Finance Management (PFM) capacity of the MoF has been considerably improved over the past 2 years, demonstrated by the latest PEFA assessment, which ranked the MoF higher than other fragile and even Middlemore

Our Work - Democratic Governance


Most Afghans live in rural areas with limited opportunities to take part in any decisions linked to the development of their community and with no ability to elect their representatives. With UNDP support, the country is gradually moving towards a merit-based system of high-level appointments at the district, municipal and provincial levels. UNDP is leading with its multi-donor program, the Afghanistan Sub-National Governance Programme (ASGP) and supporting the government to strengthen sub-national governance structures.