Democratic Governance


2012 Development Cooperation Report

The Development Cooperation Report for 2011 focuses on emerging issues related to aid and development, contains quantitative and qualitative analysis of external assistance to Afghanistan. It is a tool to enhance transparency and accountability of external assistance. In addition to presenting anmore


ASGP Annual Progress Report 2011

ASGP Annual Progress Report 2011, Afghanistan’s only comprehensive subnational governance programme, operating in all 34 provinces and supporting key provincial, district and municipal bodies, as well as the Government’s Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG). more


ASGP Annual Progress Report 2013

The Afghanistan Subnational Governance Programme’s (ASGP) Annual Progress Report outlines the project’s results and activities across all 34 provinces during 2013. ASGP is a capacity development programme that supports more effective, sustainable and inclusive subnational governance among themore

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Our Work - Democratic Governance


Most Afghans live in rural areas with limited opportunities to take part in any decisions linked to the development of their community and with no ability to elect their representatives. With UNDP support, the country is gradually moving towards a merit-based system of high-level appointments at the district, municipal and provincial levels. UNDP is leading with its multi-donor program, the Afghanistan Sub-National Governance Programme (ASGP) and supporting the government to strengthen sub-national governance structures.